Back to Moonfaery

The blog “Back to Moonfaery” was created 3 years ago, on a very low level. But the process of coming back to “Moonfaery” has been going on a lot longer. Moonfaery used to be my online nickname back in the time when forums still ruled the internet (for those too young to remember, it was ages ago. As in decades.). I’ve always been a very spiritual person, with early roots in wicca, and a strong fascination for the moon and the Other world. Hence the name Moonfaery. These days nicknames are not standard anymore online, but Moon still feels very much like my alterego.

So, the blog grew from the process of returning to my pure self.
As a young adult I was in a unhealthy relationship for many years. Don’t worry, there was no abuse, nothing like that. But my boyfriend back then had a very strong personality and it was a very bad combination with my sensitive, young and insecure character. It led to me completely loosing my soul identity. I felt off, uprooted, but I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so unhappy. It took years for me to realize that I needed to get away from that life. I remember one of the key points was my 25th birthday. He had gotten me Nike sneakers. Black-white-pink sneakers. And anyone who knows me well enough, knows that pink is the very last color I would pick in anything. Besides that, I’m an Adidas and Converse girl. It struck me that this guy, whom I’d been with for over 8 years knew me so little to get me a present like that. I realized that he was projecting an image of who he wanted me to be. And I had been naive and foolish to go along with it for years.

It was the start of some big changes.

We broke up, and I began the journey to self recovery.

This lesson I learned, is one I have never forgotten since. I get reminders now and then, and it’s not always easy, but staying true to your self, to your soul purpose, is the single most important advice I could ever give anyone.

Always stay true to who you really are.

In this blog I will share my journey and the knowledge I gather, and have gathered along the way. HSP, spirituality, finding out what is your soul purpose, … Keep an eye open for what’s to come! I can’t wait to share this with all of you !